Fairly new on Google Play Store, Word Academy is a fun based learning game developed by SCIMOB. From the moment you download it your phone till when you start playing, it offers a fun filled experience. You can’t put your phone down as you progress through each level playing along and guessing, you start formulating words in your mind from the options of letter blocks in front of you on your screen. Almost spelling out or speaking out loud how the word sounds your fingers swipes through your mobile’s screen so all the letters can fall in place to form a word.

Here all Word Academy answers – all levels of all packs:

  1. Word Academy Teddy Bear answers
  2. Word Academy Baby answers
  3. Word Academy Sandbox answers
  4. Word Academy Schoolkid answers
  5. Word Academy Zombie answers
  6. Word Academy Cowboy answers
  7. Word Academy Skater answers
  8. Word Academy Yeti answers
  9. Word Academy Hipster answers
  10. Word Academy Ghost answers
  11. Word Academy Wrestler answers
  12. Word Academy Robot answers
  13. Word Academy Knight answers
  14. Word Academy Elf answers
  15. Word Academy Magician answers
  16. Word Academy Pirate answers
  17. Word Academy Adventurer answers
  18. Word Academy Gladiator answers
  19. Word Academy Spy answers
  20. Word Academy Samurai answers
  21. Word Academy Hacker answers
  22. Word Academy Empress answers

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It starts off with simple enough four letter words, as you progress you end up with synonyms and much more. With each level the difficulty increases and so does your determination to get through it, at times you’re thinking a word and swipe it across however the app has something else in mind. No need to worry as you do get a number of hints you can use to make up the right word. The number of hints you’re allowed increases with each level you cross and is also reciprocal to your score.


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Currently this game is not available for Facebook users, but this situation can change in the near future. There is trend among mobile game developers to make a Facebook version of their games. As soon as Word Academy will be available for Facebook, we will post the link.

Word Academy is the new Hangman, but instead of guessing through the alphabets and going through vowels first and then moving on the consonants and other letters and so on the app allows for your imagination and the sense of touch to prevail. It challenges your brains recogntive abilities, laid at the start in a Tic Tac Toe format, it will change as the levels progress.

Word Academy is a fun filled educational based app which is suitable for all ages. Offering hours of fun and requiring minimal concentration the game offers the player a challenge. Graduate from Word Academy today, simply download it for free from your app store and enjoy hours of fun filled afternoons.

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