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94 answers


The level number are random, so level 1 of one user differs from the level 1 of another user. For this reason it is better to browse the question. They are ordered alphabetically, so just find the question and click to see the answers.
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Challenge Your Brain Cells with Scimob’s Latest Trivia Game App – 94%!

A new game is set to dominate the hearts of every mobile game lover as Scimob, the creative game developers behind the successful mobile game app 94 seconds and 94 degrees, released its latest third game app, 94% that is exclusively available for iPhone and Android users for download.

Scimob, a gaming studio based in Montpellier, France that started as a one-man company and is now consists of 7 talented game developers that focuses on B to C development and casual games, had come up with the next big thing in the mobile game industry which is the 94% – the new trivia game that young and old will truly enjoy. With the aims of creating a very engaging but mind-stimulating game that is simple, fast, smart and has no crashes – Scimob developed a trivia type of mobile game that involves two questions and an image in each level to complete. This mind-bending game challenges the brain cells of millions of users around the world to think of the best 94% answers they could come up. And this game that Scimob developed and introduced is the latest game craze you should not miss.

The fun part of this game is that, most of the 94% answers are the things that are usually found around us. You’ll be forced to think hard about certain things that the questions are asking or the image is showing. And it’s up to you to your decision to get the right answer to stop your opponents with the highest score. With over 40 levels that are free to play, 94% uses a coin system in unlocking the hints. The gaming concept is a bit similar to the ‘Speed Round’ of Family Feud with different categories to choose from such as ‘It Requires a Ticket’ or ‘Poker’. However, for you to complete each round, you have to identify the best 94% answers among the possible answers with a certain percentage provided based on the question and image displayed. And unlike the two previous games released by Scimob, this game does not involve any timers. Yet, the hints will lead you to a word-guessing game based on the letters that are presented to you.

Users of this trivia game can connect the app to their Facebook accounts to see their rankings and scores among their circle of friends. And like any other game apps that can be downloaded for free, it also has a premium version with added extra features you will definitely enjoy once you spend some bucks for the ‘Jokers’. When you download this game that is in its current version 2.0.7 on your mobile devices, the game will require 7.2MB from your storage. And to avoid any game incompatibility and crashes for android users, see to it that the operating system of your mobile device is 2.3.3 and up.

With such highly challenging trivia game that is now up and about, 94% is definitely the mobile game worth downloading!